Audint – Martial Hauntology | Case Study

Event – Audint – Martial Hauntology
Venue – Tate Britain

AUDINT is a research cell investigating how frequencies are used to demarcate the soundscape. Re-formatted in 2008, it currently consists of Dr. Toby Heys (Manchester School of Art) and Steve Goodman (AKA Kode9 from leading electronic label Hyperdub). AUDINT’s new work was part of Tate Britain’s Late at Tate series held in the Duveens gallery.

Britain Sound System were employed to provide audio equipment for the multimedia installation. Working with Traction Sound’s BH218 ‘Zeus’ and BPS218 ‘Hades’ InfraSub loudspeakers the system was carefully tuned with the help of the company’s resident Acoustician to offer an infrasonic soundscape stretching all the way down to 20Hz. It was truly an immersive sonic installation that was designed to be felt as much as heard. This was all done to the stringent Health and Safety required to safeguard millions of pounds worth of Art in a public environment.

Traction bass bins at Tate Britain