How to understand loudspeaker sensitivity.

What is Loudspeaker Sensitivity? Loudspeaker Sensitivity allows us to compare how efficient different loudspeakers are. […]

How Loud

10 questions to ask when installing a nightclub sound system

Do you want a successful and profitable venue? Then before installing a new nightclub sound system ask yourself these 10 questions.

Nightclub Hearing Protection

Advice on Outdoor PA Hire

Brighton Sound System can help you with sound for your outdoor event. This does not […]

How to wire an XLR, Jack or Phono Plug

Balanced to Unbalanced Connectors If the output is unbalanced connect the negative to the ground […]

How big does my generator need to be for my sound system?

It is recommended to run the sound system on it own generator with a pure […]

Learn some basic Line Array design theory

What is a line array? A line array is a line of adjacent loudspeakers that […]

What is a Loudspeaker Management System?

General Advice LMS stands for Loudspeaker Management System (LMS) and is essentially a active digital […]

How does a distorted sound system relate to hearing damage?

Pushing Gain Levels We all know that if you keep turning the mixer up further […]

Choosing the right Pro Audio Amplifier

General Advice We recommend that you choose an amplifier that can deliver the loudspeaker’s program […]

Frequency in music and human hearing

Here is a quick table to show what you are hearing at what frequency. Frequency […]