Nightclub Sound System Install | Case Study

Venue – Audio

Over the course of the summer of 2014 several promoters hired in Traction rigs for events. They required a superior sound to what was already installed. The manager Robbie Whishaw and then owner John Holland were won over by the high clarity, big bass and high SPLs achieved from very few boxes. Discussions began about having a new Nightclub sound system installed ready for Audio’s 10th Anniversary celebrations on the 12th September 2014. To compliment this a new sound system was also installed in the bar upstairs.

At the end of 2014 top dance music magazine DJ Mag awarded Audio 1st place in Best Small Club category in their 2014 Best of British awards.

Downstairs for the club 2x BPS218 ‘Hades’ infrasubs, 4x BH218 ‘Zeus’ bandpass horn loaded subs, topped of with 8x SDS12i ‘Kodiak’ mid tops were installed. The rig was then tuned to sound optimum for both DJ’s and live music whilst ensuring the sound did no annoy the neighbours in the sensitive city centre venue.

The nightclub features both DJ’s and live performers. This meant the sound system was installed so that it could be easily moved. One position for bands and another position for DJ’s.

Upstairs just 4 of Traction’s SDS8i ‘Gobi’ mid top boxes and 2 of their BP12 ‘Cub’ subs were ample to cover the entire bar. Amplification comes from the existing QSC PLX3002s.

Brighton Sound System’s team of dedicated installers utilised the venues existing cabling and amplifier where possible. This helped reduce the install time dramatically. The club was happy that they only had to shut for a few days while the installation was completed. The existing amplifiers were fully cleaned and serviced during the installation to ensure a reliable system.

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Nightclub Sound System Installation