Live PA Hire | M-People | Case Study

Event – Birthday Party
Venues – Private Venue

Brighton Sound System was engaged by Kiki & Cole Events to provide live PA hire, lighting and staging for a private party for a 60th birthday. The birthday girl was whisked away on holiday to enable a 3 day build to commence in her garden and to keep the event as a surprise.

Heather Small (M People) and her band were the guest turn, and provided an exact tech spec for us to work to. Front of House PA was handled by Traction Sound’s Front of House stack (2x BP18 Atlas bass bins and 2x SDS12i Kodiak mid tops per side) with 8x SDS12m Kodiak wedges taking care of monitors, with the addition of a BP12 Cub bass bin for drum fill. 2x Yamaha PM5D digital mixing desks were used for FoH and monitor mixes with a Sennheiser IEM system for Heather.

Lighting was a challenge as the marquee used for the event was chosen for it’s clean lines and only had 4 poles holding up the entire structure. We added two sets of truss midway down the tent and to front of stage, and used a variety of washes for the band with some follow spots for Heather LED bars around the drums and keyboards.

Lighting was also utilised to cover the dance floor as before the band came on there was a guest appearance from 2 dancers from Strictly Come Dancing.

After the band had finished there was a swift turn around to bring on our Pioneer Nexus package for the DJ’s who carried the party to it’s conclusion.

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