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These days many brides and grooms want control of their wedding music rather than leaving it to a DJ. It is easy to set up a playlist of your favourite songs on iPod, iPad, Smartphone or Laptop. We can then provide a sound system that plugs into your device amplifying it throughout the venue. Our PA systems work equally well to provide background music as they do for the dance floor. The equipment is easy to use and after we have set it up we can show you how everything works. We offer full telephone support for any questions after we have left.

To get the best sound at your wedding we would recommend encoding your music files in the highest possible quality. 256kb/s MP3's should be an absolute minimum and ideally files should not be compressed with formats such as WAV, FLAC or Apple Lossless for the best quality. You will find that on a good quality PA system you will notice the difference between low quality and high quality music files. With ear buds these differences in quality are not as noticeable. Also streaming services are well known for their low sound quality. If you take the time to prepare a high quality playlist with the best quality files it will really pay off on the day.

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