Wedding Speech Microphones

All our PA packages come with a basic corded microphone suitable for speeches. When we set the sound equipment up we can show you how best to use it. If the top table is situated away from the PA system or you want added flexibility you might want to consider adding a wireless radio microphone to your package. These can either be hand held or the clip-on lapel style.

Usually we deliver and set the equipment up for you and then when you are happy using everything we leave you to enjoy your day. We can also provide smart and discreet technicians to stay with you and operate the equipment for you if required.

Whether you choose a corded microphone or a wireless radio microphone it helps to have a good microphone technique. If the microphone is too far away from you it will struggle to pick up your voice so hold it near you mouth and not down by your waist. Giving a speech can be a daunting prospect but don't forget to project your voice into the microphone. If you speak too quietly the microphone will not have anything to work with. Lastly hold the microphone at the bottom and not over the grill.

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